A message for our Clients:



Minnesota Job Partners is here for you during this crisis.  Rest assured that our counselors will continue to provide the vital services you need to re-enter the workforce.  We are resolved to get through the coronavirus together with courage and optimism. 


We have three goals.  First, to keep our clients and staff safe.  Second, to help slow the spread of the deadly virus.  Finally, to continue providing the career counseling, job training, and placement services you deserve.


Here are the changes you can expect until the State has deemed it safe to return to our offices:


  • Our staff will be working from home and our office will be closed.  But you can still contact us at our work phone and email.

  • All client-counselor meetings will happen by phone, email, or Skype – rather than in-person.  Your counselor will contact you to make arrangements.

  • We will do one-on-one orientations by phone to register new clients.

  • All workshops will be held virtually through April.  You can participate from home via your phone or computer.  Our instructors are prepared to give you personalized attention.  Register at https://www.jobpartners.org/calendar.


We are fortunate to live in a time when modern medicine and technology make us better prepared than any previous generation to overcome this challenge.  Connecting with you is what we do – and we’re confident we can do that well by phone and computer.


We are also fortunate to live in a state where steady leaders are offering support to workers.  Minnesota’s Unemployment Insurance program is ready to assist workers who can’t work, workers who have had their hours reduced, and workers who have lost their jobs due to the virus.  You can apply for and receive benefits immediately at www.uimn.org.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at 612-676-3710 or clerical@mntsb.org.


When all of this is over, we will celebrate the heroes of this moment: our caregivers, our first responders, and the steady leaders whose commitment to our health and safety will be our saving grace.


Stay calm.  Stay safe.  Stay healthy.


Jennifer Munt

Executive Director

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