After your registration session, your vocational counselor will call you within 5 business days to arrange for your in-person meeting with your counselor. You'll talk about your background, goals for the future, education, family, health, finances, and develop a plan to move you toward your goal!


Please view a summary of the program services so that you are aware of the opportunities available to you.

To enroll in the Dislocated Worker Program call
(612) 676-3710 or email


Our heartfelt support goes out to you during this difficult time. You do not need to go through this job transition alone. A committee of your colleagues selected Minnesota Job Partners to provide Dislocated Worker Program services in order to help you prepare for reemployment. The Dislocated Worker Program is a state-funded grant, so there is no cost to you. We strongly recommend that you enroll and engage in this valuable program.


The first step toward enrolling in our program is attending a registration session. During the registration session, a knowledgeable staff member will explain the benefits of program participation, and you'll have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. They will then walk you through completion of the state-required paperwork for program participation. You will have the opportunity to take an assessment of adult basic skills.

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Minnesota Job Partners is the career services division of the Minnesota Teamsters Service Bureau. We are an equal opportunity employer/program provider.