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Job Searching

Looking for a job in today’s job market is more than opening the newspaper to the Help Wanted page. You need to utilize reputable job search websites, build your professional identity on social media, join job seeker clubs to grow your professional network and maybe attend training to brush up on skills or learn new skills to attract a potential employer.


Those who take advantage of the resources available through the Dislocated Worker Program are better prepared to look for work and feel confident going into their next interview. Your career counselor is knowledgeable and current on Minnesota employment trends and is there to assist you during your job search. Your vocational counselor can help you with your resume, cover letter, interviewing techniques, networking skills, career exploration, and much more

Career Assessment

Now is the time to reevaluate your career goals. Did you enjoy your past work? What job tasks do you like to do? What’s important to you when it comes to a job? These are type of questions you should ask yourself before you start applying for positions. We encourage you to attend our Career Assessment workshop for an in-depth exploration of your interests.

Skills Assessment

Careers based on your interests

My Skills My Future

Find careers similar to your work history

Job Skills Transfer

Discover your own transferable skills


Learn your top job values



Interest Profiler

Find your interests & careers to explore

Resources For Job 


There are numerous resources online and in your community to assist you during your job search. This page offers only a few resources that you can use. With the help of your career counselor, you will be able to create your own personalized job search strategy.


Attend one of the many career workshops offered through Minnesota Job Partners to learn different approaches to job search.


Online Job Search Sites

There are hundreds of job search websites on the internet to find job postings. Make sure you always use a trustworthy website and never give out personal information or pay for services, the majority are free sites.

Minnesota Works

Minnesota's online job bank

MN Council

of Nonprofits

Job postings at local nonprofit agencies

MN Government

Job postings from

various state departments


Online job search site updated daily

MN Health Care Jobs

Local job postings for

art-related positions

Higher Ed.


The largest MN higher education job board

Springboard for the Arts

Local job postings for

art-related positions

Networking & Job Clubs

Most employers will hire a personal referral over an unfamiliar job applicant. The best way to become a personal referral is to know the right people, and the best way to do that is to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people! Print your business cards and start making meaningful connections, the more people you know the better!


& Job Clubs

Join a club in your area


Job Transition

One of the largest

MN job clubs

Career Fairs

One of the largest

MN job clubs


Build a profile and network cross-country

Easter Job Transition

Build a profile and network cross-country

Careers & Training

Once you decide on a career path, do your research to learn how in-demand your occupation is, what employers expect, salary perimeters and the skills and training required.


Training can include adult basic education classes to earn a GED, introductory computer and software classes, coursework to gain a credential or an academic degree and occupational licenses and certifications. If formal training is required, find affordable institutions that offer creditable courses and credentials. The Dislocated Worker Program can help fund training, ask your vocational counselor for more information.


MN career data,

training, and more



Provides national and state employment stats

MN State Universities

Post-grad credentials through public schools

Federal Student Aid

Resources to help pay

for higher education

Additional Resources

Here are a few other resources you might find useful during your job search.


Dept. of Employment & Economic Development



A tip sheet for the application process

Creative Job Search Guide

The go-to book for Dislocated Workers


A comprehensive list of top MN companies

Starting an MN Business

The go-to book for Dislocated Workers


Find the right postings and get past screeners

Interview Simulator

Online mock interview practicing tool

Workers with Disabilities

Job search tools for disabled workers

Disability Career Guide

Career guide for

disabled workers

Support Services

Your mental health and financial state are extremely important when job searching or in training. When these issues are not stable they become a barrier to your job search. Support services are available to you and your family when there is a need. Do not wait until issues unravel and leave you anxious. Contact your vocational counselor to discuss what services are available to you, or to schedule a one-on-one appointment with one of our knowledgeable Family Service Advocates. Support Services are available at no cost to you.


1. Bridge to Benefits - Links individuals and families to public work support programs and tax credits. 


2. Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Program - Financial benefits for workers laid off through no fault of their own.


3. MNsure - MN's health insurance exchange. Find health insurance that fits your needs.


4. Energy Assistance - Helps people with lower incomes to pay their heating/energy bills during the fall, winter and spring
    months. See Bridge to Benefits.


5. Fare for All - Utilizes bulk buying power to pass grocery savings of up to 40% to the consumer. Fresh produce, frozen meat,
    and value packs available. Distribution sites throughout city and suburbs.


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