We recognize this is a difficult time for former employees of the MN Senate and political parties. Our thoughts are with you. There are services available to those who are losing their jobs, free of charge, to help you through this transition, including the Dislocated Worker Program. We will be here as long as you need; we are committed to supporting you.

Minnesota Job Partners has been selected by a committee of impacted employees to provide Dislocated Worker Program services to those impacted by the layoffs due to the 2016 election. This program of benefits is free, and provides you with opportunities for training, career counseling, résumé assistance, financial support, and more. State and federal funding make this program possible.

We want to extend a warm welcome to those who have been affected by the layoffs resulting from the 2016 election. Job loss can be stressful when your future is uncertain. Minnesota Job Partners employs a team of experts who can help you confidently step into your bright future.  All of us here at MJP look forward to working with you through this transition. Our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts offer additional avenues for you to receive up-to-date information from our agency. MJP also recently created a Pinterest account to share helpful job search articles with our participants.


Call us at (612) 676-3710 or email services@jobpartners.org to learn more.



Participation in our program begins with attending a registration session. These sessions are facilitated by friendly, experienced staff who will begin by explaining the Dislocated Worker Program benefits to you. Next, you will complete the state-required paperwork, with the facilitator walking you through each form & answering any questions you may have.

At the registration session, you will have the opportunity to sign up for your first counselor meeting. In this meeting with your counselor, you will establish a relationship and share your story. This meeting is all about YOU: your education, your work history, your family, health, finances - you want to give your counselor your full history so they can best help you determine a plan to achieve your goals. At the completion of this meeting, you are enrolled & can start taking advantage of our program's benefits!

After meeting with your counselor, you will start working on your action steps - the items in your individual employment plan (IEP) that require your attention. Training, résumé assistance, workshops, interview preparation, and financial support are just a few features we can assist you with. You and your counselor will monitor your progress toward reaching your goals, and adjust your IEP as necessary.



Wednesday, January 4 │ 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM │ MJP Minneapolis Office


Wednesday, January 18 │ 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM │ MJP Minneapolis Office

Wednesday, February 1 │ 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM │ MJP Minneapolis Office

Wednesday, February 15 │ 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM │ MJP Minneapolis Office


MJP has partnered with local career expert Catherine Byers Breet to bring you workshops specifically tailored to recent graduates and young professionals. The series features a beginner "Now What?!" workshop to help you discover your most marketable and transferable skills, and "Dream Job: Possible!" to help you define your dream job and develop a plan to go get it. 
Dates & times coming soon!

There is a world of opportunity out there for you! The trick is to figure out which one is right for you, so your job search can be focused and effective right out of the gate. We can help! In this invigorating workshop, we'll show you how to:

* Discover your most marketable (transferable) skills
* Explore the possibilities

* Isolate your target

*Get a job hunt action plan

* Update your résumé + LinkedIn profile


Don't just get a job. Get a job you love! After college, Catherine Byers Breet got paid to sling drinks in Seattle, protect grizzlies in Alaska, and go shark diving in Mozambique. She turned those crazy adventures into an exciting, lucrative career as a recruiter, business owner, and speaker. Since 1997, she has helped thousands of people to chase their dreams and do what they love for a living. Let her help you do the same. In this exciting workshop, you will learn:

* How to define your dream (what's really possible)

*4 simple steps to the job you want

* How to network for success

* How to interview to win

*4 biggest barriers to your success (and how to avoid them)

Relevant Events
2017 Nonprofit Communications + Technology Conference
February 21, 2017 │ 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Learn new things, old things, and new ways to do old things. You'll dive into nonprofit strategies for everything from branding to cloud computing, from podcasting to crisis communications, and much, much more. Learn more

Keynote speaker: R.T. Rybak

  • Choose your path: Networking or Learning

  • Complimentary Headshots

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Dot Org Awards

  • Resource Exhibitors


1130: number of people who have enrolled with us since 9/12/15 

1122: number of participants who have enrolled in training funded through our program

89%: successful exit rate (state's goal = 86%)

102%: wage replacement rate (state's goal = 80%)


A recent participant after an interview & job offer:
“They were so very impressed with all the efforts I had gone through to keep up in the industry with my conference attendance and to enhance & grow my computer skills as a designer. I CANNOT thank you and Minnesota Job Partners enough for the priceless offerings you have given me. You completely gave me an edge above the rest and I will be much more successful in this job because of it...You really have a SOLID program that honestly has meant so much to me (and so many others.) At a rough time when it was a struggle to get on my feet, I feel I had an organization and the government behind me that wanted me to succeed and offered me the financial, people and tangible resources to build my confidence and keep me relevant. And it showed in my interviews! I am really grateful for my job and it is a great new home."

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