A note for those affected by COVID-19

Any eligible Minnesotan who has lost health coverage from their employer (including a job loss) may qualify for a special enrollment period. Go to the MNSure website here for a list of qualifying life events for more details on how to apply.

Insurance Options for Minnesotans Experiencing a Change in Income or Employment

Here are a few reminders about coverage through MNsure that are applicable to the COVID-19 peacetime emergency.
Minnesotans with private health insurance through MNsure:


  • If your income has decreased because of a reduction in your hours or a job loss, it may make you eligible for advanced premium tax credits (APTC) and cost-sharing reductions (CSR). When you report the change in income, your eligibility for APTC and CSR will be redetermined.

o  If this change makes you newly eligible for APTC or CSR, you may qualify to change plans in a special 

           enrollment period. Go to our website for more information or call our Contact Center.
o  If you currently receive APTC, you can make adjustments to the amount applied to your monthly premium.


  • All four medical insurance companies that sell private health insurance plans on MNsure are waiving co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles related to COVID-19 diagnostic testing. You should contact your insurance company directly for questions about plan benefit details and how best to access care.

MNsure + Health Insurance Resources

Unfortunately for many of us, losing our job also means losing our health insurance. If you're facing paying full price for COBRA or losing insurance for your family, this can be especially distressing.


MN Job Partners has built a strong relationship with an expert MNsure Navigator who can help walk you through the application process. Trained, licensed brokers can help you select the best plan to fit your needs.


For those living outside of Minnesota, you can explore HealthCare.gov to find information about programs in your area and where to apply. Wisconsin residents can receive an online quote by visiting HealthInsurance.gov

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