Birth of a Blog

Hi! Thanks for stopping by our blog.

For a couple of years we have been updating a "Job Seeker Tip of the Month" area on our website. Each month as I deleted the old post to make way for the new I would think to myself, "I should turn this into a blog so we don't lose all of this great information."

And so a blog was born.

Each month, a different staff member will be writing the post! We're excited about sharing knowledge with you and providing different perspectives and voices. Our hope is you will learn a little more about us, and walk away with some nuggets of useful information in your job search.

Follow us for tips, encouragement, subject matter expertise, and fun (a T-Rex was spotted in our hallway just the other day...). Comment! Let us know what's working well for you in your search and your experience with the program. It just might help someone else who is going through a similar experience.

We also encourage you to come visit us! Our Minneapolis Resource Room boasts 6 computers with high speed internet access, a printer, high quality résumé paper, a small library, coffee, tea, and a guaranteed smile from staff. We're open 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Thanks for visiting; we look forward to seeing you again!

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