OJT: Win-Win for Business + Job Seeker

If you need to learn a new skill to secure employment and an employer is willing to train you on the job, the OJT benefit can reimburse the employer up to one half of your hourly wage for a set amount of weeks while they train you. An established contract must be in place between our agency and the employer before employment can begin.

On-the-Job-Training (OJT) Benefits Business and New Employees:

  • New hires learn occupational skills and earn income at the same time.

  • The business saves time and money.

  • A win-win for the business and job seeker!

Why Employers Partner with Minnesota Job Partners’ OJT Program:

  • Employers are reimbursed for the costs related to lost productivity while training a new employee – up to 50% of the new employee’s wage for the length of the contract.

  • As a result of OJT, employers will secure a better-trained and more highly qualified new hire because their staff/subject matter experts will train them on their policies and practices. The new hire learns skills unique to the business and industry.

  • Employers make the final hiring decision.

OJT Guidelines:

  • The business provides the training and supervision for the new employee.

  • OJT contracts can be written for:

  • Direct-hire, full-time jobs – at least 30 hours a week.

  • Direct-hire, part-time positions – at least 20 hours a week – if the new employee is 55 or older, has a disability, or meets certain other criteria.

  • (Seasonal or temporary jobs do not qualify for OJT contracts.)

  • Trainee must meet OJT eligibility requirements.

  • Trainee will earn an industry-recognized credential.

  • OJT is approved by Minnesota Job Partners before the employee starts the job.

For more information contact me directly

Christine Chelstrom, 612.676.3706, chris@mntsb.org

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