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What a week it has been. Elections are always tense times, but this one seemed more divisive than elections past. The good news? It's over. Whether you're disappointed today or celebrating, one thing remains true: you need to keep your social media presence clean and free from polarizing content. Employers are looking! LinkedIn is a professional networking site; the sole purpose of this site is to network with former colleagues and other industry professionals related to your work life. This is not the place for sharing your political or religious feelings. It's not even the place to share pictures of cats. Why, you ask? Because there is a distinct use for the site. If you use it for other purposes, you are showing potential employers/coworkers/hiring managers that you don't understand the difference between professional and social. This indicates a lack of judgement. You may be sharing view points that are different from your hiring manager's. That alone could mean you end up in the "no" pile. Facebook is for social networking; think friends & family. I would recommend not adding your boss or co-workers as friends (unless you are conscious of what you post, know you won't offend them with your posts, and you won't be offended by theirs). Set your privacy settings to make sure what you share is only visible by your friends. Be selective about who you choose to be friends with. And please be respectful, always. Twitter is great for quick bits of information, and following people of interest to you - employers and industry thought leaders are some folks you may want to consider following. Remember your posts are public. Share thoughtfully. TL;DR: LinkedIn is professional, Facebook is personal, and the high road is a good place to be - especially during job search!

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