Share Information to Gain Information!

Are you making the most of your informal conversations with friends and acquaintances? When you see someone at the grocery store and they ask, “What’s new?” do you respond with "not much." When you meet someone for the first time and they ask you, “What do you do for work?” do you respond with, “Nothing, I’m not working"? These are both great opportunities to share your story, don’t miss the opportunity!

Your response needs to be positive, upbeat, and proactive. The fact that you are not currently working is not important, but what is important is that you are in a job search and what you are looking for. Focus on where you want to go, not where you’ve been. You may answer the “What’s new?” question with, “I’m in the middle of a job search. I am looking for position that allows me to use my skills in …” The “What do you do?” question leads to the same 30-second introduction. You can respond with, “I am a financial professional and am actually looking for a new position that allows me to use my skills in …”

Don’t discount people because of their title or field. You never know how others may be able to help you. Don't assume that your friends and family know what you are looking for and how they can support you. Focus on developing a concise and targeted 30-second introduction focused on your career direction, your skills you want to utilize, and industries/companies you may be interested in. You need to give information to gain information!

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