Re-energizing Your Job Search

Candidates seeking jobs often get off the ground with a flurry of activity, but eventually experience a slowdown of some kind. They lose their momentum. They have had interviews, maybe even been a finalist for a job and not been hired. Nothing seems to work. If this sounds familiar, here are some practical steps that you can take to re-energize.


The first thing to do when your search stalls is connect with people that are part of your support system to discuss what’s happening and get a fresh perspective on what you have been doing. Connect with friends, network contacts, and job seeker support groups to obtain encouragement and objective feedback on your strategies and generate some ideas for revitalizing your search.

Evaluation and Goal Setting

If you haven’t done so already, design a record keeping system for your search that is based on your own personal style and work habits and is as simple as possible. Include interview information, correspondence records, networking contact information, and a weekly action plan. List the results you have had with each job search method (e.g., responding to job leads on job boards, working with a recruiter or a temporary agency, networking).

Do an evaluation of your search results to see what is working well and what is not. If you have had the best luck with networking, increase the time you spend on that. Think of new people to contact, expanding your network to new groups. It’s easy to get stuck just contacting the people in the same network. Use LinkedIn to find new contacts in a company you have been targeting.

Once you determine what is working well and what is not, you can take advantage of a proven motivational technique--setting goals. Motivation is highest when you set challenging goals each week. For example, challenge yourself to make three new contacts during the week.


Talk to your counselor about taking some training to enhance your skill set using Dislocated Worker program funding. You may meet some interesting people in the classes who can become network contacts, including the instructor. Also, you are likely to hear about new methods or tools that you find interesting and help you become more energized.


Volunteering at non-profit agencies in a field related to your career is another way to energize your search. You can expand your network, learn some new skills, and feel good about doing something for others.

I have seen these techniques work and wanted to share some advice about keeping energized during job search from one of my clients who recently landed a job. Her advice was to join a job transition group to provide some structure and networking opportunities. She also found that networking with people currently employed helped her stay connected with the working community and gave her encouragement. Relying on support from a friend she considered her “rock” was very helpful to her, as was taking regular walks.

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