Answering the dreaded "Why did you leave your last company?"

"Why did you leave your last company?" - How to answer what may be your most uncomfortable interview question. For many people, this question is not an easy one to answer. You may have left on uncomfortable terms and the answer that comes to your mind may not reflect well on you. Your answer needs to be neutral about you, your former company, and your former manager. If you bad mouth the former company or manager it just reflects poorly on you. Keep your answer short so you can focus back on your skills and expertise that pertain to the position. Don't focus on whose decision it was to leave but what this current position gives you that your last one did not. For example, "I was not able to use my _____ skills as fully as I would have liked," or "I am looking for a position that allows me to use my skills in ___." You are not lying, but focusing on going forward and not rehashing the past. Remember to look the interviewer directly in the eye when you say this so you don't appear to be uncomfortable or deceitful with your response. It can be tempting to share all of the bad points about your previous employment, but avoid the temptation! It'll serve you well and you'll feel better focusing on the positive, which will set the stage for an excellent interview!


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