The 5 P's of Job Search

Just recently I was speaking with a client after they had participated in an interview for a job that they were very interested in. The client expressed outrage that the employer hadn’t really looked at her resume or spent any time in preparation for their meeting. I listened intently as the client went on and on, expressing frustration that the employer was not prepared for their meeting. Well folks, that just doesn’t happen. One would hope that a hiring authority would take the time to closely review one’s resume or application but you might have to adjust your expectations.

Candidates should be ready to discuss everything that is on their document and then some!! A resume/application is hopefully an “invitation to the party” and if you are fortunate to get invited, you had better be prepared to have to explain what is on your resume/application and MORE! One should not be offended if a hiring authority is asking you things that you think they should just know just because it’s on your document. Never should one say….”well it’s on my resume.” This employer might be looking at other things besides content, they could be looking at your communication skills or style or maybe want more details.

Cooperation and patience is needed at so many levels in the job search process and one would hope that it would be reciprocal but one needs to be flexible. A reminder of the five “P’s” …. Preparation, Professionalism, Pleasant, Positivity, and Patience.

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