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Imogene's Success:Upskilling Online

By Imogene Ervin

Unfortunately, I was one of the millions of people who was let go from my job during the COVID pandemic. After taking more than a year off to reflect on my life and what I wanted my future to look like, I was referred to Teamsters Service Bureau by a co-worker who was also let go. Upon signing up, I was immediately partnered with a wonderful counselor named Meg. She was extremely helpful in assisting me with navigating the program and all it had to offer. We talked in great length about how I would use the program and it’s funding to further my education and increase my marketability.

I decided to enroll at Rutgers University Online and earn a certificate in Human Resources Management. I started the program in April 2021 and completed it one week early in July 2021. It was hard work but well worth it! By August, I was confident enough to start applying for jobs and in September I was offered a position as an Executive Administrative Assistant at a Fortune 500 company only seven minutes from my home. The cherry on top is that it pays considerably more than the job I previously had! Had it not been for the Teamsters Service Bureau and job readiness workshops, I would have never gotten this job. And thanks to them, I couldn’t be happier! I would advise anyone who has been let go of their job to check out the Teamsters Service Bureau. Don’t delay! You will not regret it!”


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