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Our Team

Esther Hollander Felsen.jpg

Esther Hollander Felsen

(612) 676-3708

Esther is a Career Counselor and Certified Gallup Clifton Strengths coach with a Master’s degree in Adlerian Psychology. She is passionate about career counseling, understanding that knowing one’s best fit in a job allows for long term personal and employment satisfaction along with opportunities for training and growth to consider one’s options and aim for their goals. She goes to the “heart” of her client’s situations meeting them where they are and assisting them to identify their strengths to gain clarity and empowerment pointing them toward what is “next” for them.


Esther inspires and encourages clients with empathy and compassion and easily relates to their situation having experienced job loss and career change herself during the challenging Great Recession of 2008. Experienced in the private, government and non-profit sectors as a program manager, corporate recruiter, workshop facilitator and coach, Esther brings a breadth of knowledge and possibilities to each of her clients.


Kate Flick

(612) 676-3707

Kate is a Career Counselor whose passion is empowering others to do better, think bigger, and "own their awesome," in order to more purposefully and intentionally apply themselves to their career exploration and job search. She brings a breadth of experience to her role as a Career Counselor; she has worked with a wide variety of individuals to help them both name and reach their career and educational goals. She excels at quickly developing rapport with her clients. Kate's counseling style is strengths-based, with the goal of empowering clients; guiding them to trust their own capabilities and resourcefulness. She feels honored when clients share their stories with her, and will never tire of guiding and watching the growth of her clients in transition.

Kate has a Master's of Arts in Counseling with an emphasis in Career Development from Adler Graduate School. She is certified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment, the Strong Interest Inventory, and is a member of the Minnesota Career Development Association.

NengJo Bio Picture_edited.jpg

NengJo Yang

(612) 676-3727

NengJo has over 15 years of experience working compassionately, thoughtfully, and creatively with clients seeking employment, training, and a better life.  She is passionate about helping clients reach their employment goals by mapping out a bigger picture of work-life wellness.


Focusing clients on short-term, achievable, and measurable goals, NengJo helps clients see possibilities they would never have considered without her guidance and expertise. NengJo enjoys providing useful resources to new Americans from a variety of cultural backgrounds.  Her positive energy and optimistic attitude help clients overcome barriers whenever they feel stuck or discouraged.  


NengJo’s empathy helps her clients stay positive during any challenges they experience.   


NengJo received her bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management from Concordia University.  She is certified as a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF).

Robby Sanders copy.jpg

Robby has over twenty years of experience career counseling. She has a demonstrated track record in developing successful return-to-work programs and a personalized job search approach for each client. She has served clients within public and private sector employment settings and has a vast experience base on how to navigate these systems.

Robby has been recognized for her creativity and energy when dealing with her clients, with an expertise in creative job search strategies. She has a strong background in the field of private rehabilitation, having worked extensively with clients with special rehabilitative needs. Robby has also worked as a professional recruiter, having knowledge of hiring processes on a local and national platform.

Robby is a graduate of Augustana College with degrees in psychology and social work.

Robby Sanders

(612) 986-7745

Sayid Bio Picture_edited.jpg

Sayidali has 10 years of experience in workforce development and social services, both in Africa and the United States.  He comes to us from PICA (Parents in Community Action), a program of the Minneapolis Public Schools, where he was an advocate helping families set goals and access resources for literacy and child development.  Sayidali is fluent in Somali.  He has a master’s degree in Human Rights from Kampala International University in East Africa.


Sayidali loves helping people connect with the resources they need to succeed.  He has conducted seminars and provided career counseling to individuals of different backgrounds in the U.S. and internationally.  He has successfully led many projects while working for federal and state governments, and international organizations. 


Sayidali develops strong connections with his clients by understanding their individual needs.  His goal is to guide each client toward better job opportunities so they can reach their full potential.

Sayidali Mohamed

(612) 676-3711


Shelley Jensen-Decker

(612) 676-3716

Shelley Jensen-Decker has over 20 years of leadership experience as a Career Strategist. Her personable style and strategic thinking has allowed her to work effectively with clients spanning all backgrounds and professions. She has experience in working with private industries, non-profits, higher education and government. Her areas of expertise include assessments and career direction, program development/leadership and learning and development. Prior to career development, Shelley worked in marketing roles for a CPG company and an international advertising agency.


Her education includes graduate coursework in career counseling, a MBA in Marketing, Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and advanced coaching courses through the Coaches Training Institute. She is certified for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the BarOn EQ-I assessments. Shelley has been actively involved with MCDA for 13+ years. During 2017 – 2018 she coordinated and implemented the monthly MCDA Round Tables and is a Conference Co-Chair for the 2019 Conference. Her past roles on the MCDA board include President and Member at Large.

Leadership & Support Team

Jennifer Munt.jpg

Jennifer Munt

Executive Director

(612) 676-3733

Rodney Robbins.jpg

Rodney Robbins 

Finance Manager

(612) 676-3725


Char Barrett 

Family Services Advocate

(612) 676-3730


Raul Sanchez

Dislocated Worker Program Manager

(612) 676-3703

Christine Chelstrom.jpg

Christine Chelstrom

Job Developer

(612) 676-3706


Nicole Larson 

Compliance Specialist

(612) 676-3728

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