If you are interested in our program, please call (612) 676-3710. One of our enrollment specialists will conduct a brief phone screening with you to determine your eligibility.

You may be eligible if you:​

  • have been laid off through no fault of your own,

  • are eligible for unemployment insurance,

  • were fired, but are eligible for unemployment insurance,

  • lost your job during a mass layoff event (50 or more people in one layoff event),

  • worked for an employer not covered by unemployment compensation law,

  • were self-employed and can provide documentation of business failure,

  • are a displaced homemaker,

  • are a military reservist returning from active duty within the last three years.

In addition to the above criteria...

  • If you’re permanently laid off and want training to get a higher-paid, higher-skilled job – we’re a good fit for you.

  • If you’re temporarily furloughed due to COVID-19 and plan to return to your job – we’re not a fit for you.

Each person's situation is unique, and we encourage you to call to speak with us to determine your eligibility.


Dislocated Worker Program

Minnesota Job Partners is a partnership of the Minnesota Teamsters Service Bureau forged with passionate career counselors, engaging facilitators, respected training institutions, local business partners, and most importantly, our inspiring participants.


Our partnership reflects only one focus: Dislocated Workers. Experts in career transition, our full-time Dislocated Worker Counselors work with the unique requirements of this state program. Our collaborative model maximizes the time and resources available to provide you the opportunity and support that it takes to find your next career step.


Who we serve

Mass Layoffs

We provide assistance to workers laid off through no fault of their own due to a plant closing, downsizing, or a mass layoff involving 50 or more workers. The Minnesota Department of Employment & Economic Development sets up a special grant for workers in mass layoff situations.

Small Layoffs


We also provide assistance to those laid off from smaller layoff events (less than 50) with a special grant from the State. The same benefits are available to this population as the mass layoff grants. Call (612) 676-3710 to determine your eligibility.

Minnesota Job Partners is the career services division of the Minnesota Teamsters Service Bureau.
We are an equal opportunity employer/program provider.