Success Stories

Losing your job is hard. And scary. MJP is proud of our "Job Partners Alumni" - those who have experienced job loss and persevered. These folks have trained to increase their skillsets, had the courage to ask for help when they needed it, networked their tails off...even re-trained for entirely new careers!

We honor your bravery and accomplishments, and thank you for sharing your stories. Your successes keep us committed to bringing our very best to the office each and every day. May these stories also serve to inspire others still in transition.

If you would like to share your story as inspiration to others experiencing a layoff, please click here.

Brett was a Project Manager at Target for almost 8 years when they announced their mass layoff in March of 2015.

After participating in the Dislocated Worker Program, he was offered a position the day before Christmas Eve as a Business Process Analyst at Wells Fargo, in his words: "this is pretty much exactly what I had set out to do upon taking time to reflect post-layoff. I am so thrilled to be working for a good company and doing something that I enjoy doing!"

Brett shared more details of his journey with us:

"The MN Dislocated Worker program was great for me- I had the support of a specific Job Counselor who provided support, gave advice, and sent job opportunities to me. 

Everyone in the office is well connected, and upon applying for a program would send a recommendation for me on the various positions I was applying for. 

They offered financial assistance in the form of parking vouchers for classes I was taking, the opportunity to take additional classes if I had wanted to, and free classes (including a good LinkedIn class in which I got a free professional photo taken). 

Additionally, they put on a special event titled “Holiday Handshaking Event” that was just great- Catherine Byers Breet was the facilitator, who was awesome, and there was a free gas card, free lunch, and ample opportunities for networking.  It was great to meet the other counselors who attended as well. 

I really can’t say enough good things about my experience working with MN Job Partners- thank you!!"

Ready for Success is a local nonprofit, providing men and women with gently-used and new professional clothing, accessories, and new personal care items suitable for job interviews and the workplace. Clients are referred by local social service agencies throughout the Twin Cities, are often experiencing a life transition, and are in need of appropriate clothing for entering or re-entering the workforce.

Clients receive the assistance of a personal shopper during their scheduled appointment to help them build a professional wardrobe. The boutique-style atmosphere and friendly volunteers make Ready for Success a special place. Ask your counselor for a referral if you are in need of clothing for interviews and are having trouble fitting this expense into your budget.

“Ready for Success was amazing! I remember my appointment was the day that Prince died, and I was the one to break the news to all the ladies there, but things got better. They were a really hip bunch of retired gals! They really made me feel important, and took into account what type of role I would be interviewing for and got more creative with it.


"The woman helping me had a great eye for putting an outfit together, which I had never really thought much about, and she taught me a lot! She even said, 'you know what this outfit is missing - a statement necklace.' And she gave me the necklace she was wearing! She said a lot of the stuff there is from their own collections anyway." 

"They provided much more than I anticipated - besides 3 interview outfits, they let me choose a jacket, 2 pieces of clothing that weren't for interviews, 2 pairs of dress shoes, a bonus set of tennis shoes, a purse, 2 pieces of jewelry, a belt, and even some makeup and toiletries. And to top it off, they packaged it in fancy department store bags and on hangers with dry cleaning bags, which felt nice. I highly recommend that program, which ironically, I had donated a business suit to 2 years ago!"


           - Recent Participant

Lori worked at Target for 18 years, holding 8 unique roles during her tenure there. She was separated from employment in March of 2015. Her role at the time of separation was National Operations Leader for Food Distribution Centers.

She started her new position with SuperValu on December 28, 2015 as the Director of Retail Pricing for Independent Business. Lori shares her experience working with Minnesota Job Partners' Dislocated Worker Program:

"MN Job Partners was a wonderful addition/complement to the other job search resources that I had access to (Right Management Outplacement service, Easter Lutheran Job Transition group, Target Facebook Support group, personal network).

"My counselor was a supportive resource that reviewed my approach to my career search, offered suggestions for additional steps I could take, and was a supportive partner and champion during my search and offer negotiation.

"[My counselor] was a critical element in the wonderful experience that I had with MN Job Partners. Her personal connection, support, and encouragement was so helpful...I felt motivated and encouraged after each of our meetings or phone calls! It was a much more personal and effective 'coaching' relationship than I had experienced with the outplacement service.

"I took advantage of the following benefits via the MN Job Partners Program:

  • Membership with two professional organizations (TeamWomen MN and Network of Executive Women)

  • Attended several webinars offered via Arbez

  • Completed technical education (MS Project) via the Science Museum of MN

  • Attended two conferences sponsored by Job Partners - both were educational and offered great networking opportunities

  • Parking expense reimbursement while I attended 2 St. Thomas leadership development courses (courses paid for by Target)"

Minnesota Job Partners is the career services division of the Minnesota Teamsters Service Bureau.
We are an equal opportunity employer/program provider.