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Success Stories

MJP is proud of our Job Partners Alumni - these folks have trained to increase their skillsets, had the courage to ask for help when they needed it, and re-trained for entirely new careers!

Your successes keep us committed to bringing our very best to the office each and every day. May these stories also serve to inspire others still in transition.

If you would like to share your story as inspiration to others experiencing a layoff, let your Career Counselor know!

Sharon's Success:

On-the-job training into her new career

Sharon was in long term employment with Integrated Health Care. When she came into the program, she was very nervous because she had not interviewed for a job in a long time. We worked on her interviewing skills and she gained more confidence in her ability to be herself and showcase her many talents. Sharon worked with our job developer, Christine Chelstrom to assist in networking and getting her resume a second look. With help from our team she was able to utilize our On-The-Job-Training subsidy to help her pivot as an administrative professional.

Her employer had this to say: “Sharon started working on the training and qualification files for the workers a couple weeks ago and really has learned a lot. She’s just a wonderful addition to our group. I can’t say enough about how much she fits in here.”

Sharon’s words: “Thank you for all your help and the OJT program that helped my new employer out too! I'm glad they are happy with my work as I am very happy working for them as well!”

Steve’s Success: Reaching his potential through training

"I was an employee at Cambridge Metals and Plastics for 16 years before our company was purchased by an investment group. Kate Flick was chosen as my representative to assist me in setting up schooling and other tools that would be made available for the next two years.

"Kate was a great help when it came to setting up my schooling at Pine Technical College in Pine City, Minnesota. While attending school on a full-time basis, I was able to retain my unemployment benefits which allowed me to financially survive and later succeed in my classroom studies.

"My final 3.86 GPA was the result of hard work, dedication, and the encouragement by Kate and all my teachers. I am truly grateful there is a Dislocated Worker Program that helped me get over a negative time in my life and turn it into a real positive."

Judy’s Success:

Becoming her own boss

Judy Praska came into the Dislocated worker program after resigning from her job as the executive director for a non-profit organization. She ventured into the franchise world and worked with a franchise broker to find the best fit.


She is now the owner of Fastest Labs of Bloomington.

Fastest Labs is a drug, alcohol and DNA testing company.

"The easiest way to explain our company is that we have

three buckets/areas we service:


  1. Business - we do pre-employment, random, post-accident and breath alcohol.

  2. Personal - we can test for drugs in your child and spouse, make sure you are going to pass your pre-employment, paternity, infidelity and detect unknown substances

  3. Healthy Lifestyle - we have three tests:


  • Healthy Weight - Tells you how you should eat, how you should exercise, and what nutrients your body needs based on your DNA.

  • Food & Pet Sensitivity - Tells you what foods and/or pets you are “sensitive to” (not allergic) again based on your DNA.

  • Skincare - Comprehensive analysis of the genetic markers that influence skin’s potential.


"A big thanks to [my Career Counselor] Robby Sanders who has been amazing on her follow-up."

For Judy's services,

contact her at:


Audra’s Success: Creating a new brand for Black girls

Audra Robinson is an amazing entrepreneur whose success will inspire you. After losing her job as a marketing manager, she enrolled in our program and polished her digital marketing skills at St. Thomas. Then she entered the CLIMB program, which empowered her to be her own boss.  


Her small business startup won the coveted Impact Award from Finnovation Lab.

Audra created “Rocky Robinson,” a brand of personal care products that foster self-worth and inspire black girls to reach their potential. Proceeds from the sale of Rocky products will send young black women to college so they can learn to manifest their own success.

Audra’s cohort at Lunar Startups is helping her launch her company.  


In Lunar’s words, “The thing is, you’re awesome!  Your company is awesome. And we think you’re going to change not only our community but the world.”

Watch FOX-9’s profile of Audra:


Shop for “Rocky” products:

Heidi’s Success:

Landing her dream job during COVID

Heidi had always dreamed of becoming an epidemiologist. Last week her dream came true. 


Heidi began a new job with the Minnesota Department of Health, where she uses real-time hospital data to better respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and the drug overdose epidemic. She’s working from home while saving lives.

Heidi credits her success to our Dislocated Worker Program and her tireless career counselor, Kate Flick. After two months of professional training at New Horizons Computer Learning Center, Heidi rose to the top of the candidate pool. Her new credentials got the hiring manager’s attention and coaching helped her nail the interview.

Losing a job is painful. But Heidi's story is proof that with dreams and determination, job seekers can transition to a new and rewarding career.  Heidi did, and you can, too.

Brett's Success:

Making his post-layoff goals an exciting reality

Brett was a Project Manager at Target for almost 8 years when they announced their mass layoff. After participating in the Dislocated Worker Program, Brett was offered a position the day before Christmas Eve as a Business Process Analyst at Wells Fargo. Brett shared more details of his journey with us:

"This is pretty much exactly what I had set out to do upon taking time to reflect post-layoff. I am so thrilled to be working for a good company and doing something that I enjoy doing!"

"The MN Dislocated Worker program was great for me- I had the support of a specific Job Counselor who provided support, gave advice, and sent job opportunities to me. 

"Everyone in the office is well connected, and upon applying for a program would send a recommendation for me on the various positions I was applying for. They offered financial assistance in the form of parking vouchers for classes I was taking, the opportunity to take additional classes if I had wanted to, and free classes (including a good LinkedIn class in which I got a free professional photo taken). 

I really can’t say enough good things about my experience working with MN Job Partners- thank you!!"

After Lori started her new Director of Retail Pricing position with SuperValu, she shared her experience with our Program:

"MN Job Partners was a wonderful addition/complement to the other job search resources that I had access to. My counselor was a supportive resource that reviewed my approach to my career search, offered suggestions for additional steps I could take, and was a supportive partner and champion during my search and offer negotiation.

Lori's Success:

Taking advantage of her


"[My counselor] was a critical element in the wonderful experience that I had with MN Job Partners. Her personal connection, support, and encouragement was so helpful...I felt motivated and encouraged after each of our meetings or phone calls! It was a much more personal and effective 'coaching' relationship than I had experienced with the outplacement service.

"I took advantage of the following benefits via the MN Job Partners Program:


  • Membership with two professional organizations (TeamWomen MN and Network of Executive Women)

  • Attended several webinars offered via Arbez

  • Completed technical education (MS Project) via the Science Museum of MN

  • Attended two conferences sponsored by Job Partners - both were educational and offered great networking opportunities

  • Parking expense reimbursement while I attended 2 St. Thomas leadership development courses (courses paid for by Target)"

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