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 The Dislocated Worker Program isn't only for those seeking traditional employment. We can support you during your business launch or growth if you decide now is the time to make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality! 


With over 4,000 angel investors statewide and an abundance of free resources for small business owners, Minnesota is a great place to become a business owner. You may already have a small business, and you're looking at this transition time as an opportunity to grow. Or maybe you're thinking you'd really like to be your own boss, but you're not sure where to start. We can help! 

CLIMB Showcase


Discover how the state-funded CLIMB program can help you achieve your self-employment goals. Learn from three of our  CLIMB alumni who have successfully launched small businesses.

In our video, you will hear from:

  • Audra Robinson - Founder and Owner, Rocky Robinson

  • Abdow Ahmed - Co-owner, Mayle-Trans Truck Driving School

  • Judy Praska - Franchise Owner, Fastest Labs

CLIMB - Converting Layoffs into Minnesota Businesses

CLIMB is a program designed to assist aspiring entrepreneurs in the state-funded Dislocated Worker Program. Through CLIMB, we can offer training and consulting to support a successful business launch or growth.


This is a free program, funded through the state's Dislocated Worker Program.


Business consulting and training services are available through the Small Business Development Network, and any number of organizations that serve entrepreneurs and business owners. The Dislocated Worker Program uses training funds to pay for these training and consulting services for you.

Small Business Consultants


There are many small business consultants in Minnesota you can work with to develop strategy, pricing, process improvement, and grow your business. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but a list we have compiled from our entrepreneurial clients who have used these services with positive experiences.

Planning + New Customer Acquisition 
Christine Strak, MA, CMP | CEO | AdminBrandingBox | 5775 Wayzata Blvd, Suite 700, PMB #200-016, St. Louis Park, MN 55416

T: 952-237-9258 | |


Accounting + Business Planning


Legal Consulting

Who is eligible?


Any individual eligible for the state Dislocated Worker Program who expresses an interest in starting their own business is eligible for CLIMB.

​Unemployment & CLIMB


Minnesota legislation allows CLIMB participants to receive Unemployment Insurance benefits while in the program (up to the maximum allowable weeks). Three components of UI eligibility are waived for DW Program participants enrolled in CLIMB:


  1. The requirement to search for work (so that new business owners can focus on launching/growing their business)

  2. The earnings deductibility (so that any money a new business owner makes is reported, but not deducted from their UI benefit)

  3. The 32 hour limit (so that new business owners can work in excess of 32 hours per week on their new businesses).


For more information, visit DEED's website for those recently unemployed and click on the CLIMB tab, or talk with your counselor.