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One of the hardest parts of managing a business is laying off staff. If you have to make the difficult decision to reduce your workforce, we can help you help your employees.

Through state funds, we are able to provide career counseling, job search workshops, funding for training, résumé development, and much-needed support through this time of transition, all at no cost to you or the impacted employee. Our participants obtain lasting employment at higher wages than participants of other programs.


Layoffs are hard, but we help make them a little easier.

How we can help

Minnesota Job Partners is a private non-profit agency providing Dislocated Worker Program services to individuals who have been laid off through no fault of their own from their previous employment. We have a small army of extremely talented workers with a wide variety of skills looking for the right opportunity.


Participants in our program are eligible for an exciting benefit called on-the-job training: our program can pay a portion of their wage while they are being trained in on a new job. Everyone wins: you get a talented employee at a discounted rate while they're learning the ropes, the employee lands a great job, and our agency meets our program objective.


We've worked with thousands of talented individuals over the years from companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Target, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, SuperValu, Nestle, Thomson Reuters, North Star Foods, and more! Contact us today to find out how we can help you meet your employment needs.


SciTechsperience is an exciting internship program that creates the opportunity for Minnesota businesses to work with talented collect STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) students to develop solutions for real world challenges. SciTechsperience provides a low-cost solution for small and medium-sized companies that otherwise may not have access to qualified interns. Participating companies receive matching funds of 50 percent of the intern's wages up to $2,500. READ MORE or apply today!

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