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The State of Minnesota establishes special grants, called projects, to help dislocated workers affected by large layoffs. Minnesota Job Partners is currently serving workers from the employers listed here. Under your employer’s name you will find links to a MJP Bulletin, information on how to enroll in the Dislocated Worker Program, and project-specific announcements when necessary.


On occasion, Minnesota Teamsters Service Bureau and Career Management Services need to communicate information or announce special workshops only to specific participants and certain projects.


Please only view the links for your specific employer.

Mass Layoff Projects

Are you part of

a layoff project?

We provide assistance to workers laid off through no fault of their own due to a plant closing, downsizing, or a mass layoff involving 50 or more workers.

The Minnesota Department of Employment & Economic Development sets up a special grant for workers in mass layoff situations. For more information on a specific project, click on the respective project name from the list provided on this page.

Small Layoffs:


We also provide assistance to those laid off from smaller layoff events (less than 50) with a special grant from the State. The same benefits are available to this population as the mass layoff grants. Call (612) 676-3710 to determine your eligibility.

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