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Monthly Workshops Calendar

Below you will find the monthly workshops we offer to our clients. Project-Specific workshops and events for large layoff grants are specified by the name of the project and a unique color on the calendar. Please keep in mind that our workshops are only available to clients who have met with their career counselor and have been fully enrolled in the Dislocated Worker Program.

To view the calendar, scroll down on this page.
Looking to enroll with us? If you are interested in participating in the Dislocated Worker Program, please call
(612) 676-3710 to be screened for eligibility. The Eligibility Specialist will sign you up for a registration session. If you are from one of our mass layoff project companies, sign up for a registration session by selecting one of the registration sessions below.
Please note: All MJP Workshops are conducted over Zoom. Our LinkedIn workshop is held in person at our office in Minneapolis.
 For a quick and easy tutorial, click this link:
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