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Hans's Success:Transitioning from Job Into Career

Hans Accola is a Junior Web Application Developer at Home and Local Services. His transition from unstable jobs into a rewarding career took only 8 months.

Hans was laid off from DJO, a global provider of orthopedic devices. He had worked there for 18 months, starting in records and ending in customer service. Before that he had worked several short-term jobs in construction, retail, online currency, and other service-related positions. After losing his job, Hans did warehouse and office work for low pay. Because he was laid off from a company that had jobs affected by overseas commerce, he was eligible for Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA). He came back into the Dislocated Worker Program and together with his counselor embarked on a journey to find a career.

It is hard for a young person to build a life on unstable jobs. Hans was looking for a stable career that comes with living wages, a predictable schedule, and job security. With guidance from his career counselor, Hans chose to pursue a career in technology. Technology workers have been in demand in Minnesota’s economy for a long time. The median hourly wage for tech occupations was $42.71 an hour in 2020. Today the field is filled with experience-based positions that pay well and require only a certification or associates degree. Hans knew it would take education and training to prepare for a technology career. He enrolled in Full Stack Engineering Training with Prime Digital Academy. After graduation, he began searching for junior-level IT positions. Minnesota Job Partners helped Hans land his first tech role. Our job developer ensured his résumé would rise to the top with applicant-tracking software used by hiring managers. Since Hans chose an in-demand career, it didn’t take long for him to get hired. The transition paid off for Hans. He got a raise with a salary that pays much more than his previous jobs. He knows this is only the beginning. He is motivated to upskill and build a lasting career with his new company.


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