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Heidi’s Success:Landing her dream job during COVID-19

Heidi had always dreamed of becoming an epidemiologist. Last week her dream came true.

Heidi began a new job with the Minnesota Department of Health, where she uses real-time hospital data to better respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and the drug overdose epidemic. She’s working from home while saving lives.

Heidi credits her success to our Dislocated Worker Program and her tireless career counselor, Kate Flick. After two months of professional training at New Horizons Computer Learning Center, Heidi rose to the top of the candidate pool. Her new credentials got the hiring manager’s attention and coaching helped her nail the interview.

Losing a job is painful. But Heidi's story is proof that with dreams and determination, job seekers can transition to a new and rewarding career. Heidi did, and you can, too.


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