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Jessica's Success:Pursuing a Human Resources Career

By Jessica Adolph

The pandemic adversely affected the corporate travel industry, so as much as I loved my company, I knew my chances of having a job at the end of my furlough were very low. I decided to take this opportunity to switch to a human resources career, since I had contemplated it the past few years. I enrolled in the Dislocated Worker program and attended the Career Exploration and Discovery workshop, which validated that HR is right for me and I wanted to get into the medical device industry. I also attended the 6-Week Get Hired Faster course that shows how to successfully go about the entire job search process in an easy and organized format. At the same time, I also enrolled in a 3-month class for an HR certification. The day I passed my HR certification exam, I was invited to interview for a job at Abbott. Exactly one week after my first interview, I accepted a job offer for an HR Coordinator within Abbott’s medical device division with a higher salary than my last job!

I am so grateful for the funding provided to obtain HR certification and professional association memberships. Thanks to Christine Chelstrom for her expert résumé review, mock interview practice and reaching out to recruiters on my behalf. Huge shout-out and special thanks to my stellar career counselor, Kate Flick, for her extraordinary knowledge and sound counsel regarding everything I ever asked her. Job search can be very stressful, but Minnesota Job Partners helps to demystify the process from start to finish. They provide tools, training, and support to get you through the challenges of job search. I appreciate their workshops and insights about networking, résumés, interviewing, negotiations, and so many other topics. I highly recommend enrolling with Minnesota Job Partners to help make your job search more successful. The only question to ask is why would you not take advantage of such an invaluable resource?


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