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Judy’s Success:Becoming her own boss

Judy Praska came into the Dislocated worker program after resigning from her job as the executive director for a non-profit organization. She ventured into the franchise world and worked with a franchise broker to find the best fit.

She is now the owner of Fastest Labs of Bloomington.

Fastest Labs is a drug, alcohol and DNA testing company.

"The easiest way to explain our company is that we have

three buckets/areas we service:

Business - we do pre-employment, random, post-accident and breath alcohol.

Personal - we can test for drugs in your child and spouse, make sure you are going to pass your pre-employment, paternity, infidelity and detect unknown substances

Healthy Lifestyle - we have three tests:

Healthy Weight - Tells you how you should eat, how you should exercise, and what nutrients your body needs based on your DNA.

Food & Pet Sensitivity - Tells you what foods and/or pets you are “sensitive to” (not allergic) again based on your DNA.

Skincare - Comprehensive analysis of the genetic markers that influence skin’s potential.

"A big thanks to [my Career Counselor] Robby Sanders who has been amazing on her follow-up."

For Judy's services, contact her at:



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