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The Breakdown of a Good Interview

How do you interview well? There are a few things that you can do to make a good and lasting first impression and they can be boiled down to two categories: appearance and attitude.

Before an interview you always want to do more research on the company or organization. You may have already skimmed the surface during your initial application, but now you can dig deeper to find the core values that they use to guide their choices, gaining more insight into what it might be like to work for them. When doing this research you can try to come up with a few questions to bring up in the interview: “What is it like to work for this organization?” or “What got you into this line of work?” Questions like these can help the interviewer open up and gives them the impression that you are genuinely interested in starting up a relationship with them. This can help you stands out from other candidates - and may give you an edge in the hiring process once the hiring managers start splitting hairs over who might make a perfect fit.

Next, you have to dress cleanly and professionally, in clothes that fit the environment of the workplace. That being said, if you do not know the particular culture of the company you're interviewing with, it's always better to overdress instead of looking too casual. For most entry level positions, a nice pair of pants and a clean button up shirt will do the trick. This outfit can be dressed up or down very easily by adding a blazer or rolling up the sleeves of your shirt. There are plenty of different ways to professionally dress for success, but even the nicest outfit will be completely ruined if it's not well-cleaned and in presentable shape. If you go to an interview with a stain on your shirt, it will undoubtedly leave a bad impression. To avoid a situation like this, be careful with your coffee mug and try to bring a backup shirt for any impromptu emergencies. This is a best practice of mine that has saved me on more than one occasion (ketchup is hard to get out of a white shirt).

A great attitude paired with a classic look is key!

Finally when you get into the interview it is very important to bring in a positive energy. If you walk into an interview with your head down it can be a bad first impression, but if you walk in with your head up and a smile on your face it shows that you are excited for the opportunity and happy to be there. This attitude paired with a firm handshake sets a sturdy foundation for a good interview and hopefully a great new career.

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