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The Season of Giving

As we approach the end of another tumultuous year it’s important to reflect on who we are individually and collectively as a public. Job loss forces a lot of involuntary and at times, painful reflection. Acknowledging the impact of all our good and bad experiences creates a path forward towards a better and empathetic world. Volunteering helps better society and also creates job opportunities.

It’s cliché, but job loss is an incredible opportunity for a fresh start. You have been awarded a chance to either enhance or entirely change your career journey. Those in job search are often asked, “What are you looking to do?” and increasingly the answer has become “to make an impact”. What does that mean exactly? It means making the world a better place, and being a better person for creating more good. It is possible to make an impact professionally; all it takes is reflection and willingness. Reflecting on our past year can help find the best fit area of service. Ask yourself, what makes you happy? What happened in 2018 that made you proud? What are you thankful for? How can you use your skill set to make others thankful?

Working with a nonprofit organization is one of the best ways to make an impact. In this season of giving, consider volunteering with a non profit organization. It develops connections that will lead to permanent employment. Any one of the counselors at MJP will tell you that networking is crucial in job search. Find an organization with a mission statement you support and you will find people that can help your career. If you value time with family, volunteer with organizations that help keep families together. If you cherish animals, sign up to help your local shelter. Surround yourself with people who share similar values and goals. If you would like to explore the different volunteer opportunities, check out

Sometimes having a stellar resume isn’t enough to land an interview. If you network and get to know the right people, it can expedite your job search process. It's important after a wild year, now more than ever, to do as much as we can to better the world we live in. Why not kill two birds with one stone and work in the area that gives back the most?

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