The “Social Network”

Updated: May 29, 2019

In today’s job search is it so easy to get caught up on using social media for all of your job search needs. Sure Linked In, Facebook, Instagram and Snap Chat can be great ways to reach out and let people know of your availability BUT don’t forget the “old school” networking practices. Job search is a personal marketing campaign about YOU!! So you need to get your “product”- which is YOU - out in front of people. Don’t hide behind the screens. Go out and have a cup of coffee, go to lunch, go for a walk!! Make a personal connection with people.

I’ve also found that casual conversations can develop into some interesting connections. When meeting with people don’t ask “Can you find me a job?”, but rather ask “Do you know someone that I might be able to talk with about their company or position?” When you ask someone to find you a job, you are really putting them on the spot and they are more likely to not come up with any suggestions. By more gently phrasing the question instead, “Is there anyone I could talk to…”, your chances of getting a suggested contact greatly increase. So go out, make some in-person connections with your network - it’s a nice change of pace versus staring at a screen all day!! People hire people - they don’t hire profiles!!


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