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Workshop Descriptions

We offer the workshops listed below either on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. To effectively offer services amidst COVID-19, all workshops are now online. Our LinkedIn workshop is held in person at our office in Minneapolis. 


See our calendar for dates, times, locations, and easy online registration. Below you will find more information on each of the classes we offer.

Shelley Jensen-Decker

Rock Your Job Search With an Optimized LinkedIn Profile

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is an important tool for the job search. In fact, 97% of recruiters use it daily to find candidates. Yet only 57% of job seekers use LinkedIn to find new opportunities. Clearly, job seekers are not utilizing the full potential of LinkedIn! In our workshop you will learn how to make LinkedIn a tremendous asset to your job search and overall career management. From conveying your authentic brand to finding target companies, while leveraging connections and groups, we will focus on:

  • Creating or strengthening your profile, with a focus on the key actions for each section of your LinkedIn profile so that you stand out.

  • Building and managing your network.

  • Using LinkedIn daily for the job search and ongoing career management

  • Sharing updates and content to make your LinkedIn profile pop!

  • Utilizing LinkedIn to find target companies and key influencers 

  • Creating effective messaging when engaging with current or potential LinkedIn connections. 


Christine Chelstrom and Shelley Jensen-Decker's Workshops


The extremely popular Get Hired Faster and Easier series has been updated!

The Get Hired Better Series consists of:

  • No Choking: how to interview and win

  • Money Talk: How to Get a Better Offer

  • Stand Out and Tell Your Best Story

  • Set Your Stage for Success:  Define the Right Job

No Choking: how to interview and win

Even the most eloquent person finds interviewing a challenge and feels like they are stumbling. But, there are steps you can take to optimize your skills! Join us for this interactive workshop where we will teach proven steps for prepping, the types of interviews, answering tough questions, virtual interviewing, and more. Join your fellow job seekers in a supportive and engaging environment where you will build your interviewing competence and confidence.

Money Talk: How to Get a Better Offer

Negotiation. The very word strikes terror into the hearts of job seekers. Fear no more! In this workshop, we’ll discuss common mistakes and limiting beliefs around money and other negotiable items, how to determine and package your worth for an employer, items beyond money you can ask for, setting the stage for success.

Set Your Stage for Success: Defining the Right Job

Be prepared to get your mojo back during this workshop! We will discuss how to move through the emotions of job loss and job search, knock down your inner critic, and do a comprehensive assessment so you know how good you really are! You will set the stage for success in the rest of your job search by defining the ideal job target, identifying gaps and achievements, and solidifying next steps.

Stand Out and Tell Your Story

Armed with your mojo and ideal job target, you will create a brand that showcases your authentic self and talents. Learn how to tell your BEST story through STAR stories, resume development, and your LinkedIn profile. In addition, determine your target market - where you want to work and why. Finally, learn networking strategies to get there.

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