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Krishna’s Success:Seizing Opportunity While Working Union

Krishna Chand knows how to seize opportunity – whether it’s behind-the-wheel as a trucker or in front of a computer as a technologist. His most recent employment prior to the pandemic was in hospitality as a cook. COVID-19 impacted his work yet provided him with an opportunity to consider another career that could earn him more possibilities through the assistance of the Dislocated Worker Program at Minnesota Job Partners | Teamsters.

Krishna had earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Nepal before moving to the United States. Here in Minnesota, he completed general studies at Minneapolis Community College, then transferred to Metro State to focus on a degree in Information Technology.

Krishna hopes to finish his IT degree online while working as a truck driver. With a $4,000 scholarship from Minnesota Job Partners, Krishna recently gained a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) from Mayle Trans Trucking School. Now he earns excellent income and benefits working union for a Teamsters company called Martin Brower. Krishna’s CDL is like gold. In fact, salary potential for Martin Brower’s local delivery drivers is $86,000 to $120,000 a year. The company is hiring full-time drivers immediately with a $10,000 signing bonus. The job comes with the protection of a union contract complete with medical benefits and incentive pay. Team members at Martin Brower have an unmatched opportunity to drive innovation in the supply chain. Drivers, like Krishna, deliver food to big brand restaurants like McDonald’s. From docks to distribution centers to restaurants, they rely on human collaboration and technology to solve delivery challenges. The company is a place where Krishna can advance as he gains computer science skills. Responsible, motivated, and eager to study and learn, the possibilities for Krishna to grow with his new employer are limitless. His understanding of the supply chain from a driver’s perspective will be valuable if he pursues an IT role with Martin Brower. Teamsters will be rooting for Krishna throughout his journey. His Career Counselor, Esther, stands ready to help him seek a promotion. Krishna is extremely grateful to have been coached and funded with job and résumé assistance through the Dislocated Workers Program at Minnesota Job Partners | Teamsters.


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