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Our Workshops


We offer the workshops listed below either on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. To effectively offer services amidst COVID-19, all workshops are now online. 


See our calendar for dates, times, locations, and easy online registration. Below you will find more information on each of the classes we offer, and the different workshop facilitators we partner with.

Esther Hollander Felsen's Classes:


**Two-Day Event at the end of every month!**


Job transition is a journey of self-discovery. It is also an overwhelming experience. Utilizing discussion, assessments and tools will further focus you by clarifying your skills, personality-type and strengths that allow for a smoother transition to gaining the employment opportunities that truly fit you. Gain personal self-awareness and have a smoother transition that truly fit and aim you toward a fulfilling career path.


This workshop will help you explore your interests, skills, work values, and will allow you to take the CliftonStrengths assessment, to learn how you are unique and powerful.

Amy Lindgren's Classes:


Is it your résumé, or is it you? If you want to know why you're not getting bites, come to this small group, strategy-intensive workshop led by a résumé expert. It's a come-as-you-are party, so bring your résumé and cover letters and your laptop or a pad of paper. We'll diagnose what's working and what's not, and do some wordsmithing on the spot to create compelling headlines, profiles, achievement sections, skills call-outs, position descriptions, quotables, notables, and anything else that will make your résumé sing the right song to get you interviewed. If you're just getting started on creating a résumé, better yet - we'll make sure you get off on the right foot.

Bonus: You'll be able to convert a lot of your new content and strategy for use with LinkedIn, business bios, or other places you need to tell your story.


Whether you are considering changing careers, planning to advance in your current career, or just needing some insight, the career assessment workshop can help set you on your path. This workshop will explore: healing from job loss, your skills and strengths, work values, interests, goal-setting, and lifestyle. This workshop includes a free online Strong Interest Inventory, with the results discussed during the workshop.


You know you can negotiate your wage, but do you feel confident you know how to successfully negotiate for what you're worth? Do you know when and how to ask? Did you know you can negotiate for much more than just wage, but benefits, schedule, training, and much more? Come learn the ins & outs of negotiation so you can get what you're worth!


Anyone can answer interview questions, but it takes strategy to build the interview into a platform for future success with the company. In this session you'll learn to: develop key messages, strategize for common interview structures (phone, 1:1, recruiter, panel), answer 4 types of questions (standard, situational, behavioral, gotcha), and create STAR-story answers. You'll also come away with tips to anticipate and handle the questions you fear the most, whether that's about being fired, having a gap in your work history, changing careers, or simply, "What's your greatest weakness?"




Could "ageism" be a barrier to your successful job search? Then the Experienced Workers: Job Search Over 40 workshop is for you. In this workshop you will explore: the "facts and fictions" of job search over the age of 40; how to create an "ageless" resume; how to counter potential age discrimination in an interview; how to empower your networking opportunities by focusing on your unique strengths, experiences and talents; and how to dress for success at any age.


The problem with changing careers is that it can seem so monumental. How do you re-configure such a huge part of your life? In this workshop you’ll learn a 10-step process that brings you from “What if” to your first day on the new job. Some of the steps are easy, and some will take longer to implement, but they are all doable. You’ll never view career change in quite the same way after you take this session.


Your resume may be strong already, but is it Covid-proof? Employers are gun-shy right now, with a stronger focus on the bottom line. Meanwhile, your work history may have taken a hit over the last year, making it difficult to tell a compelling story about what you can do. In this strategy-intensive workshop, you’ll learn to teach your old resume new tricks. We’ll discuss layout, headlines, call-out sections, quotables and notables that can put you first in an employer’s mind. We’ll also look at potential weak spots, including gaps, interim work, career switches and age issues that can work against you as a candidate.

Mike Powers' Classes:


Learn what websites to use to find job leads, research labor market information, and identify school programs. Learn the procedure to post your résumé online, to email your résumé to employers, and how to complete online applications on employer websites. This hands-on workshop shows you the ropes for using the internet for your job search. 




Use your interpersonal and technical skills to get the job you want. Learn a six-step process to choose your goal, select target companies, and identify connections within to network your way into the hidden job market.


Learn how to think about your career as a brand and how to communicate your own unique value to employers. Discover what sets you apart and makes you distinctive in a way that puts you ahead of the long line of other candidates for a job. Gather tips on how to be consistent in your résumé, online profiles, cover letters and elevator speeches to successfully convey your personal brand.




Find out what everyone is talking about with LinkedIn, and social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter. Learn what mistakes to avoid and how to take advantage of these powerful tools in your job search. Observe what makes a great profile and work on building and strengthening your own! Discover how to research your target companies and put your connections to work for you.



You know what LinkedIn is, and how to use it - but you're stuck when it comes to writing your profile! This small, hands-on workshop helps you write a profile that will get you noticed by highlighting your strengths and leveraging your connections to maximize your reach. Each signup will get you a 30-minute personalized consultation with our resident LinkedIn expert, Mike Powers – share your LinkedIn profile with us after signing up and Mike will take a look at it before your timeslot to give you feedback specific to your needs!


Losing your job is a major life event, and how you handle the transition is important. Your needs, background and personal situation is unique to you. You will need to cope with these dramatic changes in your life. 

This workshop will help you make a fresh start and turn the challenge of change into new opportunities. It will help you understand your situation, learn to make the best of it and use it as a stepping stone to the next leg of your journey.

Catherine Byers Breet's

ARBEZ Webinar:


Our monthly webinars focus on a different job search related topic each month. We listen to what you want and create content that's current and relevant to your needs. Monthly webinars are on the second Tuesday of each month from 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM, and each includes at least 20 minutes of Q&A.


You can read what the topic of the month is on our calendar page.


Email us with your desired topics! Bonus: all attendees will receive access to the ARBEZ Online Job Hunt system.


**Every Monday for 6 Weeks, January 25th through March 1st!**

The average job seeker takes 21.6 weeks, 280 online applications & 14 interviews to get just one job offer. Ugh! There is a better way! Cat Breet will teach you how to get hired 55% faster, step by step, with her proven job search system. She’ll share inside secrets, shortcuts, easy exercises, scripts, templates & a bucket full of “Yes, you can!” She won’t just tell you what to do. She’ll show you how… and give you the tools you need to hit the streets with confidence, clarity and a serious competitive advantage.