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Our Workshops


We offer the workshops listed below either on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. To effectively offer services amidst COVID-19, all workshops are now online. 


See our calendar for dates, times, locations, and easy online registration. Below you will find more information on each of the classes we offer, and the different workshop facilitators we partner with.

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Esther Hollander Felsen's Classes:


**Two-Day Event at the end of every month!**


Job transition is a journey of self-discovery. It is also an overwhelming experience. Utilizing discussion, assessments and tools will further focus you by clarifying your skills, personality-type and strengths that allow for a smoother transition to gaining the employment opportunities that truly fit you. Gain personal self-awareness and have a smoother transition that truly fit and aim you toward a fulfilling career path.


This workshop will help you explore your interests, skills, work values, and will allow you to take the CliftonStrengths assessment, to learn how you are unique and powerful.


Catherine Byers Breet's

ARBEZ Webinar:


Our monthly webinars focus on a different job search related topic each month. We listen to what you want and create content that's current and relevant to your needs. Monthly webinars are on the second Tuesday of each month from 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM, and each includes at least 20 minutes of Q&A.


You can read what the topic of the month is on our calendar page.


Email us with your desired topics! Bonus: all attendees will receive access to the ARBEZ Online Job Hunt system.


Every Tuesday and Thursday for 4 weeks.  See calendar for available dates.

Week 1: Isolate Your Target, Create a Plan and Break Through Barriers

Week 2: Stand out and Tell Your Best Story

Week 3: Find the Jobs and Get Past the Gatekeepers

Week 4: Interview for Success and Money Talk


The average job seeker takes 21.6 weeks, 280 online applications, and 14 interviews to get just one job offer. Ugh! There is a better way! Christine Chelstrom and Shelley Jensen-Decker in collaboration with Cat Breet from Arbez, will teach you how to get hired 55% faster, step by step, with a proven online job search system. We'll share inside secrets, shortcuts, easy exercises, scripts, templates, and a bucket full of “Yes, you can!” We will give you the tools you need to job hunt with confidence, clarity, and a competitive advantage.